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GGD's Latest News

April 2018


Plymouth Aquarium a facinating look at undersea life.

April 2018


Pridhamsleigh Manor blossom.



March 2018


Pridhamsleigh Manor Lambs, arrive in force, 36 this year!

March 2018


Hampton Court Daffodils looking beautiful.

March 2018


Lindt Bunny at Hampton Court Palace for the annual egg hunt.

Feb 2017


Snowdrops spotted on our morning walk by the river Dart.

Feb 2017


Their back, early spring lambs at Pridhamsleigh.

Nov 2016


Beautiful Autumn colours at Kew Gardens today. Just 25 mins from Rotary Court Apartment.

Oct 2016


Dartmoor at its best.

Sept 2016


We welcome our first Yoga retreat at Pridhamsleigh Manor.

19th June 2015


First Poppies of the year, beautiful.

12th June 2015


The swallows return to Pridhamsleigh for Summer

17th March 2015


Some beautiful and talented needlework by Paris Morthorpe from Alaska who recently attented the Embroidery course at Hampton Court Palace whilst staying at Rotary Court.


RSN Goldwork and Jacobean Crewel pieces

October 2014

Happy half term Halloween.

April 2014

Hampton Court gardens continue to look spectacular this year.

Lion Gate
The Tiltyard.
Leaded Windows

April 2014

Bob Tucker craftsman from Heritage Stained Glass has put the finishing touches to the new kitchen windows at Pridhamsleigh Manor. His next job is at Hampton Court Palace, next door to our apartment. Small world.

February 2014

Visitors to Hampton Court Palace enjoying the beautiful spring Crocuses on a lovely sunny day here at Rotary Court.

February 2014

It may still be raining but Spring has sprung here in Devon today with these beautiful Snowdrops.

December 2013

Toadstool and Mushroom season is here at Pridhamsleigh, but be careful what you pick. This beauty is an Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita. In Victorian and Edwardian times, it was commonly found on Christmas cards as a sign of good luck and its colours may have been the inspiration for Santa’s red and white suit.

We recommend you visit the excellent local restaurant of the same name "Agaric" in Ashburton rather than sourcing your own fungi.


November 2013

Hampton Court Palace comes alive with festive fun this winter.

Hampton Court Palace comes alive with festive fun this winter - See more at:
Hampton Court Palace comes alive with festive fun this winter - See more at:
Hampton Court Palace comes alive with festive fun this winter - See more at:
Dust off your skates and pull out your scarf as the Hampton Court Palace ice rink is back for its fifth consecutive year.
If skating isn’t your thing, watch others from the comfort of the traditional carousel.

October 2013



Bushey Park across the road from Rotary Court is a Royal Park were Red and Fallow deer roam freely just as they did when Henry VIII used to hunt there.

Bushy Park is a deer park. Red and Fallow Deer still roam freely throughout the park, just as they did when Henry VIII used to hunt here. - See more at:

Deer in Bushy Park

Fallow deerBushy Park is a deer park. Red and Fallow Deer still roam freely throughout the park, just as they did when Henry VIII used to hunt here.

- See more at:

12th June 2013

Pridhamsleigh goes LIVE. Western Power installing our upgrade.

23rd May 2013

One of our very talented guests at our Hampton Court Apartment who attended the Royal College of Needlework produced this beautiful piece of embroidery.

"the completed project I was working on for my course at the Royal School of Needlework, and which your lovely flat gave me the perfect space to work on."

12th May 2013

Beautiful Bluebells on our walk today by the River Dart @ Pridhameleigh Manor.

April 2013

At last the blossom is appearing @ Pridhamsleigh.

March 2013

Pridhamsleigh receives its listed building plaque, proudly displayed on the Cider Barn.

2nd March 2013

The first Spring lambs are spotted at Pridhamsleigh.

23rd February 2013

Pupils from Charterhouse in Surrey came to stay at Pridhamsleigh Manor last weekend. The group were very active going Kayaking locally in the River Dart and exploring the Pridhamsleigh Cavern opposite the Manor with their instructors.

Feedback was that they loved the barn, and all its facilities, especially playing Wii and Snooker, and watching our vast library of DVD's.

We are pleased to hear that they are already planning their next trip to Pridhamsleigh, but would like to stay longer and hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer as the tempurature in Devon last weekend was about 1°c. We look forward to giving them a warm welcome next time.


19th December 2012



Christmas arrives at Pridhamsleigh

6th December 2012

New meets Old, beautiful new rainforest shower just installed in "Milk Churn Cottage"



Drawing of Pridhamsleigh by 1627 with detail of the front entrance now at Lew Trenchard Manor.

Lewtrenchard Manor

24th October 2012

We visited Lewtrenchard Manor in North Dartmoor where the old gate way to Pridhamsleigh Manor is now the front entrance. We asked but they wouldn't let us have it back!

24th October 2012

Above the entrance door to Lewtrenchard Manor the date is 1620 which is appoximately the building of Pridhamsleigh.

5th November 2012

"Olive" the Olive tree arrives at Pridhamsleigh courtyard.

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